Who is Helena?

Those of you who have followed Helena over the years and seen her mesmerise crowds nationwide, from the intimacy of a small concert to the thousands at Main Stage Glastonbury, will need no introduction to this rare and prodigious talent.

We at Grinning Rat Music (GRM) feel she deserves far wider acclaim and are proud to present her new CD - 'Feels Like Coming Home'. This is a 16 track live album, recorded last year, featuring new and classic originals, and even a couple of covers - 'Hard Rain' and 'Hallelujah' Her previous album 'Catalyst' is still available, and shortly we will be re-releasing her back catalogue. Watch this space..

It is hard to categorize Helena’s music as it includes so many styles. In all her albums you will sample her interpretation of blues, rock, jazz, soul and even a little folk and country.

As a performer she is lively and spirited, bouncing with energy, and her effervescence on stage is matched only by her bubbliness off it.

However it is perhaps her voice that moves audiences the most. It is rich and powerful, deep and mellow, pure and soulful.

Her material, be it cover or original, swings from hard hitting guitar driven rock, jazz and blues to intimate heartfelt ballads. She has a powerful tongue in cheek audience control and can communicate with people on every level.

She has been likened to, and has supported, many of the greats over the years but she has a unique and refreshing aptitude to writing and performing which can be compared to none.

As an avid live music fan for more than thirty years rarely have I seen an artist with such dedication to her art, and professionalism in performing it.

Helena’s ability to change pace and style not only mid performance but also mid career is remarkable, and GRM is delighted to have found her.

We hope that our involvement with this album becomes the “catalyst” to advance her career even further.

Ian Keith
Chairman, Grinning Rat Music Ltd.